Keeping your car clean when you have messy kids is a challenge. You may think that it’s impossible to keep your car clean when there are toys strewn about, food crumbs on the floor, and juice stains on the seat. But it’s possible and we’re going to show you how.

Don’t Ever Let Them Eat in the Car

It’s fine if they’re hungry, but make sure they get their food somewhere else before you hit the road. And don’t let them eat any snacks while they’re riding in the back seat. Make sure you’ve got plenty of wipes on hand, too. Also, remember that keeping a change of clothes for each kid in the car at all times can help keep things from getting too messy.

Keep Track of What Goes Where

It’s easy to mix up all those little toys that end up in the backseat or trunk—and then they’re everywhere. You can keep things organized by categorizing them by type—toys, books, color, cars, and blocks. Then everyone knows exactly where things should go when they’re done playing with them.


Get Professional Cleaning Done

Buy a seat cover for each of the seats in your car. These can be found at most automotive stores and are fairly inexpensive.

You should also get your car cleaned professionally cleaned. There are also mobile cleaning services that offer quick cleaning sessions right at a person’s doorsteps. They have all the tools needed, such as rags, sponges, brushes, vacuum attachments, stain remover, sprays, wipes, etc. They are also very affordable and help remove any mess or dirt that has settled onto the surfaces. They help to clean up all of those little messes left behind by your children, for example, spilled juice or sauce on the seat cushion.

Affordable Mobile Car Wash In Beaumont, CA

If there’s something spilled in your car—like soda or juice—don’t let it sit there for days on end! Get it cleaned professionally immediately (or at least within 24 hours). Wet spots are harder to clean than dry ones; if left alone too long, they can stain fabric surfaces like seat cushions or carpets permanently.

At The Mobile Turtle, we help keep you clean right at your doorstep. Our services are affordable and include interior services, auto detailing, ceramic coating, paint correction, fleet washing services, and more in Beaumont, CA.

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