About Us

We are a Family based company located in our hometown in Beaumont California. We are first generation business owners with a vision to grow and succeed in the mobile detail Beaumont industry. Our hope is to be able to provide better opportunities for our children. We have two daughters, Hannah, 13 and Leah, 16 and one beautiful maltipoo dog named Haley. We both come from latino families with little to no education. Our families struggled with low paying jobs. We decided that one of our goals in life was to provide more opportunity for our girls and we knew that with the jobs we held, it would not allow us to do all we wanted. We decided we would start and build something on our own that would allow our dreams for our kids and our personal goals to become a reality. We ventured into mobile automobile detailing, a passion that Hector Alvarado, owner of The Mobile Turtle holds dear to his heart and is great at. Hector’s wife, Liz, supported his idea and works along his side toward the goals and dreams built for the business and family. If you want a family-based company operating with integrity for your needed services, we have your back!

Hector’s passion for cars started with his uncles who were into lowrider car clubs. He went into the low riding scene early on and his love for cars began. He grew up in San Fernando Valley in the mid 90’s. Back then, showing off your car and conditioning your cars, mini trucks, old chevy bombs, was the thing to do. He learned to care for cars and to have them in the best shape and shine they had from the day they came off the lot, if not better. He got into this at the age of 13-years-old and this has continued to be a great passion of his. He has implemented his passion to every vehicle that he has ever owned, keeping them looking new, spotless and clean. This is what mobile detail Beaumont should be all about and that is what we provide here at The Mobile Turtle.

Hector and Liz met in high school. He was a senior and she was a freshman. Hector started at Birmingham High School in Van Nuys and moved schools his junior year to the Inland Empire and attended Chaffey High School while Liz was attending Montclair High School in a neighboring city. Hector and Liz met at church while Liz used to sing in the choir at their local congregation. They became high school sweethearts and decided to build a life together by getting married.The rest is history.

Hector and Liz started The Mobile Turtle Detailing company as a way to build a mobile detail Beaumont business together the way they have built a beautiful life and family. Hector has always had an eye for cars. He has a vision to turn any beautiful vehicle that he possibly can back to the showroom look. Hector knew he could provide value and quality to Beaumont, Palm Springs, Palm Desert and other surrounding areas. The couple thought to themselves, “What if we could bring this to people and companies in a way that they never actually had to come to us?” They began to question if they could create a way to provide a quality detail service for busy moms, working dads, the preoccupied employee, people of age who find themselves struggling with the task of keeping their car clean and anyone seeking to give their car some much needed love in a way that limited their need to take time out of their day.

So, that’s when The Mobile Turtle was born. Hector and Liz Alvarado wanted to make it as easy as possible for all clients to continue their busy lives, while we do the work in their driveway or at their place of work. So, all of those stains on your vehicle from life getting in the way, your morning rush coffee and smoothie spills, kids’ soccer practice, football camp, lake trips and all of the other daily and weekly activities that wreak havoc in your car’s cleanliness can be fixed immediately without having to give up quality time with family or cutting time short on things that you enjoy doing to get a must needed task done. A quality mobile detail Beaumont service provides convenience in many ways.

We wanted to provide quality service. Many auto detailing companies cut corners. Their goal is to get as many clients’ and as much money as fast as possible. Because of this, quality takes the backseat. However, The Mobile Turtle does auto detailing and fleet detailing in a very different way. We are committed to making sure we provide quality in mobile detail Beaumont services in a way that leaves you speechless when you see your car looking better than it did when it left the showroom. We treat and respect every vehicle as if it is our own.

Our goal is to provide all clients with the best quality of service every single time, creating returning clients and relationships that will last a lifetime.We take great pride in our work, every time we see a vehicle that we have serviced driving around on our locals street, it brings great pride and a smile to our faces. Quality makes a difference in how you view your vehicle, but also, how the rest of the world sees your car. This can make an impact in how others and yourself view the cleanliness of your overall lifestyle. Let’s say you are a commercial business owner. The quality of cleanliness in your vehicles can ultimately affect your customer’s brand image for how you provide services. You can be the absolute best plumber, law enforcement, transit provider, EMT’s, freight hauling company or whatever your industry may be. However, if your vehicle looks less than perfect, your customer’s automatic perception is that you are not able to provide them with the level of service that they expect.

Here at The Mobile Turtle, we give this quality of mobile detail Beaumont to you. We can help you create a brand, either for yourself if you are seeking auto detailing for your personal vehicle, or we can create a brand that represents cleanliness in the mind of your customer because of our commitment to you. We pride ourselves in providing you with the best, starting from our customer service to all of our auto and fleet detailing services. Your satisfaction is guaranteed here at The Mobile Turtle.