Applying a ceramic coating to a vehicle requires a high level of care. Adhering to the best practices when applying a ceramic coating will result in long-lasting paint protection.

Ceramic coating has hydrophobic properties that repel dust and moisture. The unique properties of a ceramic coat exist due to the covalent bond between silica and titanium dioxide. It results in the formation of a nano-ceramic shield over the paint of the vehicle.

In order to make the most use out it, you need to make sure that the ceramic coating is applied by a professional fleet washing and detailing company. Here are common mistakes inexperienced detailers make while applying a ceramic coating that increases costs.

1. No Prep Work

Prep work is important when applying the ceramic coating. Before the application of a ceramic coating, or any other bodywork, the surface should be prepared.

Without proper prep work, the ceramic coat will not adhere properly to the surface. The results will wear off a few months after the application of the costly ceramic coating.

To ensure that the nano-ceramic coat adheres to the surface, it is essential that it must be free of any contaminants. There should be no dirt, dust, bird droppings, bugs, grime, or anything else on the surface of the vehicle. Additionally, the sealants, glaze, wax and other protective coatings should be removed prior to application of the ceramic coating. The extra effort in prep work is necessary to ensure the best results with a ceramic coating of the fleet.

Proper prep work will allow the microscopic molecules in the liquid to adhere to the invisible ridges of the surface when applied. The coating, once cured, will result in an extremely slick paint surface.

2. Not Protecting Sensitive Areas

Ceramic coating is great for the protection of the vehicle’s paint. But you should not consider the coating as an all-purpose coolant. Standard ceramic coating is not suitable for the other parts of the vehicle, such as the headlights and the trim.

Before the application of the ceramic coating, it is important that parts such as headlights, taillights, and trim are covered. Experts at a fleet detailing company use masking tape to cover these areas. It will ensure that the parts are protected when applying a ceramic coating to the vehicle.

High-grade nano-glass ceramic coatings come with formulas that are safe for the lights. The coating can be used on the body as well as the headlight and taillight of the vehicle. Read the label to know whether the ceramic coating is all-purpose or only suitable for the body paint.

3. Ignoring Environmental Conditions

Another common mistake that inexperienced detailers make is not considering the environmental conditions when applying a ceramic coating.

Taking consideration of the environment is critical when applying ceramic coating on the car. The weather and other environmental conditions will affect the quality of the finishing. Experts at a professional fleet washing and detailing company know about the best conditions for applying a ceramic coating.

A. Direct Sunlight

The ceramic coating should never be applied in direct sunlight. Application of coating under the direct rays of the sun will prevent the coat from adhering to the surface. The coating will quickly evaporate due to the heat of the sun.

B. Humidity Level

Another mistake when applying the ceramic coating is not considering the humidity level. High humidity will also prevent proper adherence of the ceramic coat to the surface. The condensation will slow down the curing process resulting in an odd-looking oily finish.

C. Temperature

The ceramic coating should never be applied when the temperature is too cold. Applying the coating below 400F (4.40C) will not result in an effective coating. It will slow the curing process, making the coating useless.

The best time to apply ceramic coating is late spring and early fall, when the temperature is neither too high nor too low.

4. Not Giving Enough Time for Curing

Ceramic coating will take about two weeks to fully adhere to the vehicle’s surface. You can take out the vehicle after two days of application of the coating. But this is the minimum period for curing.

Taking the vehicle soon after curing will not result in proper adhering of the chemical to the surface. Ideally, you should leave the vehicle for four to five days indoors or in the shade before taking it out for a spin. This will result in enough time for the chemical to harden and fully adhere to the surface of the vehicle.

5. Going for Price Instead of Quality

You should always ask for references before selecting a fleet detailing company. Make sure that the company has mostly positive reviews of their services.

Selecting the cheapest detailing service is not always the best option. You might end up losing a lot of money if you go for a company with inexperienced detailers.

The professional ceramic coating requires a high degree of skills. A vehicle with the proper application of ceramic coating can last for a long time. It will offer protection against acid rain, road salt, winter storm, dust, and grime. In contrast, improperly applied ceramic coating will result in different issues like streaking, high spots, gritty texture, and oily finishing.

If you want your fleet looking the best, it is important to go for a professional detaining company.

Final Remarks

Avoiding mistakes when applying the ceramic coating can result in long-lasting protection. You can expect standard ceramic products to last for at least a year. High quality ceramic coating such as the 9H coating can last for up to five years.

The durability of the ceramic coating depends on the environmental conditions, quality of the product, and the skill of the detailer. Professional detailing requires a high level of skills. You should not just hand over the task of detailing your vehicle to any detailer. It is important that the fleet washing and detailing company has experienced detailers.

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