Trucks do not only help transport goods from one place to another. They are, in fact, the brand ambassadors of your company. Dirty trucks with oil and grease dripping from the chassis, black soot plastered to the exterior, or fuel stains will leave a bad impression on your clients. Therefore, it’s important to opt for mobile fleet washing services to wash your commercial fleet and leave it brand new!

If you want to use your truck to present a positive image of your company, make sure that your truck is impeccably clean at all times. With regular full fleet washing, you can ensure your vehicle stays in topnotch condition throughout the year. Read on to learn the advantages of investing in fleet cleaning service:

1. Improved Mileage

A fleet that is regularly cleaned is easier to maintain, thereby cutting down maintenance expenses. Dirt, dust and grime on the truck create drag and result in less mileage. Removing dirt and grease is one way to improve the mileage of your trucks.

When it comes to gallons per mile, a clean truck easily outperforms a truck with dirt and grime. The savings in fleet fuel can amount to thousands of dollars every year.

2. Easier to Maintain

Regular washing by a commercial full fleet washing company in Beaumont, CA, will result in lower maintenance costs as well.  The savings in maintenance costs can amount to 25% of the total maintenance and labor costs.

A professional fleet washing company will ensure that your vehicle remains in topnotch condition. They use gentle cleaning products to remove the buildup of stains and grime from the vehicle’s exterior without damaging it. Moreover, this can help extend the life of your fleet.

Regular removal of oil and dirt will also help in the early identification of potential structural issues. The company’s maintenance crew can easily detect the problem and perform timely repairs. This will reduce the likelihood of inspection violations and potential worker compensation claims.

3. Enhanced Resale Value

Regular fleet cleaning and maintenance affect the resale value of a truck. A properly maintained truck makes a positive impression on buyers. On the contrary, if they see signs of wear and tear on the truck due to lack of cleaning, they won’t pay a high price for the vehicle.

4. Gentle on Trucks

A fleet washing company uses low pressure, gentle cleaning that will keep the logos of your truck intact and vibrant. Some companies also use green cleaning products when cleaning vehicles to protect the environment and employee health.

For truck cleaning, a full fleet washing company is recommended instead of automatic vehicle washes. Most automatic vehicle washing companies use high pressure cleaning and harsh equipment to clean vehicles. This can result in the peeling or fading of the company logo screened on the front or side of your truck.

The revolving brushes and washers of auto vehicles are usually dirty and harsh on the paint. The focus of traditional auto washers is to make your vehicle look good without sacrificing quality for appearance. The cost of commercial cleaning services may be a bit more, but you can rest assured that your trucks will get completely cleaned without getting damaged from harsh chemicals.

Tips for Selecting the Best Fleet Washing Service Company


It is important that you take time when selecting the best fleet washing service company. Here are some things to consider when choosing a company for washing your fleet of trucks in Beaumont, CA.

Company Reputation

Company reputation is the most important factor you need to consider when selecting a fleet washing company. Inquire about the number of years the company has been in business. You should also ask the company about the types of vehicles they have experience in cleaning.

Companies that have been in the fleet washing business for years are more reliable. You should also read the company’s testimonials and reviews to ensure it offers quality fleet washing services to customers.

Fleet Size Washing Capacity

You also need to ask the fleet washing service firm about the size of the fleet it can wash. Some firms don’t have the equipment to clean a fleet containing hundreds of trucks. Find out if the company can wash your entire fleet.

The Type of Services

Some fleet washing firms only offer power washing services, while others offer full fleet washing services, including detailing, waxing, and power washing. Therefore, make sure to ask about the type of services that the fleet washing company offers to customers.

Assess Equipment and Qualification of Staff

Reliable fleet washing firms have a team of highly experienced and trained employees. They also use quality equipment to clean and maintain vehicles. Keep in mind, workers who are not properly trained can in fact damage your fleet. Similarly, using the wrong type of cleaning equipment will not result in the desired results.

Cleaning Products

Inquiring about the cleaning products that will be used to clean your fleet is crucial. You want to make sure that the company uses gentle cleaning materials as harsh materials can damage the exterior paint or internal fabric of the trucks. The best commercial fleet cleaning firms use cleaning products that are safe for the vehicle and environment.

Contact Professional Full Fleet Washing Company

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We can come to your location to wash your fleet of trucks. Our services include washing and detailing of transit buses, rigs with trailers, and commercial trucks. We offer exterior washes, interior detailing, vacuum servicing, polishing, paint correction, oxidation removal, and waxing services. Our mobile fleet washing services are effective, convenient and fast. Contact us anytime for professional full fleet cleaning and detailing services today.