Buying a car and driving it around town is easy and fun, but maintaining your car isn’t as enjoyable, which is why most people often neglect car maintenance. However, if you want to ensure that your vehicle doesn’t break down while you’re cruising along the highway or during a cross-country road trip, you need to take care of it. Regular car maintenance can help prevent your car from meeting a premature end.

A car wash is just as essential as car maintenance. Protecting your car’s exterior is vital due to several reasons. You don’t want anyone to see you driving a filthy vehicle because it’s embarrassing. Moreover, dirt and other substances can cause paint damage to your car, forcing you to get paint correction, which can be a more substantial expense. Furthermore, unclean cars are also a road hazard. If your windows have dirt or other substances on them, you’re limiting your visibility and increasing your chance of a road accident. In addition, a study from Edmunds shows that new cars lose a third of their value within the first year, and improper maintenance can cause your car to depreciate further.

Therefore, car owners must ensure that they perform regular upkeep on their automobiles. There are numerous car wash options, but most experts will tell you to always opt for a full-service car wash from a professional.

Why You Should Opt for a Full-Service Car Wash

There are several reasons why you should have a commercial car wash perform a full-service car wash. These include:

Environmentally Friendly

Nothing’s stopping you from picking up a water hose and cleaning your car at home. However, you’ll end up consuming more water than a commercial car wash to clean your vehicle. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, commercial car washing utilizes 60 percent less water than home washing. Moreover, many states require commercial washers to have drainage systems that allow for water recycling and reuse. Your home’s unlikely to have this drainage system, making it an unwise choice to clean your car yourself.

Complete Cleaning

Most full-service car washes don’t just wash, wax, and dry your car. They also include other services like engine cleaning, interior detailing, air vent sanitization, etc. Taking your vehicle for a full-service wash means that your car will be sparkling like it’s brand-new again.

Pristine Washing

Technology has made many things more manageable, including washing a car. You can take your automobile to an automatic drive-through car wash and emerge with a clean vehicle in minutes. However, pristine cleaning requires meticulous attention to detail that only a professional can provide. Most full-service car washes will clean your car by hand, ensuring that it’s spotless.

Auto Detailing

Most full-service car washes also include auto detailing. Auto detailing ensures that your car is in an ideal condition cosmetically, typically encompassing tire treatments and cleaning, interior cleaning, exterior detailing, and claying.


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