Despise seeing those same stains appear on your car’s exterior even after you just got it washed and waxed the month before? Want the same glistening look it gave when you first bought it? We have some good news for you: ceramic coating can give your car’s exterior the longevity you desire.

Seeing the amount of high-performance ceramic coatings market to be an estimated $2.3 billion, we’d say people are definitely opting for it to protect their cars.

Ceramic coating or nano-coating is the optimum solution to all those hard-to-get-rid-of dirt and water stains, as well as those nasty little nicks. With the help of hard oxide layering, it can protect against UV damage, minor scratches and make it resilient to withstand scrapes abrasion. It’s the best way to ensure your car stays clean for longer.


A solution consisting of chemical polymers is usually applied by hand to give the utmost care to the vehicle to give overall coverage without missing any spots. As the coating is applied externally, it starts to blend with the internal factory paint layering.

The most efficient protection technique is provided by SiO2 coating. Its use of nanotechnology enables it to penetrate the imperfections in a car’s paint. By using the best SiO2 car coating technology, we can guarantee six months of protection. Let’s further focus on the benefits that come with the tension-free ceramic coating.

Best of Both Worlds

When the time for a normal washing comes, it won’t take long. Due to the smooth surface of the ceramic coating, the dirt will glide off easier. The added hydrophobic property provided by this coating makes water and other corrosive items slide off smoothly. They never adhere to or harm the car surface.

More Protection? Yes, Please

Ceramic coating is not just for the vehicle’s main body but also covers the associated extremities such as the windshield and the headlights so that your car looks spectacular from the bottom to the top. This further adds to the protection of your vehicle.

Gloss Me

Say hello to a more intense shine. Ceramic coating is a one-way ticket to being able to see your reflection on the car’s surface. It leaves the car with an added depth to the color alongside the longer-lasting shine.

Looking for reasonable pricing and the best ceramic coating?

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