New to auto detailing? Simply put, auto detailing is more detailed and thorough as compared to a car wash. It offers a number of benefits to customers. For starters, mobile car detailing is done in front of you. This means car owners don’t have to wait in long queues for auto detailing.

As your car will be serviced right in front of you, you don’t have to worry about the mishandling of your car while it is being serviced.

What Is Involved in Auto Car Detailing?

Auto car detailing involves the use of vans and trucks to bring the car detailing services at your doorstep. You only have to give a call to a company for mobile car detailing and they will arrive at your place in vehicles that are equipped with all the essential car detailing tools.

The detailer will clean the car by spraying water and wiping it down using a degreaser. The car is again rinsed after the application of the degreaser. Plastic, silicone, and rubber components of the car are covered during washing to prevent them from cracking.

Mobile car detailing consists of two steps: interior car detailing and exterior car detailing.

Interior Car Detailing

Interior car detailing involves thoroughly cleaning the inside of the car. Professionals arrive at your place to vacuum and shampoo the car’s interior to remove dirt and stain. The leatherwork inside the car is scrubbed to remove deeply ingrained dirt.

Vinyl and plastics are properly cleaned and the upholstery vacuumed by the mobile car detailing specialists. The interior glass is also washed and polished.

Exterior Car Detailing

The exterior car detailing process starts with the removal of dirt and dust from the wheel. Dirt and debris are removed from the surface. Special brushes and cleaning products are used to clean dirt from the brake calipers, lug nuts, wheels, and other components of the car.

Afterward, the body of the car is washed using water and cleaning products, and then rinsed using soft microfiber towels. An automotive clay bar is applied to the paintwork to remove difficult-to-remove dirt from the surface of the car.

Cleaning under the car’s hood is often ignored since most people don’t care what their car looks like underneath. They only think about the exterior of the car.  But the fact is that proper cleaning under the hood is essential as a clean engine bay will help identify and resolve a car’s issues. Professional auto detailing companies also clean the engine bay. This will reduce the wear and tear of the car and boost the car’s resale value.

Mobile auto detailers can also clean and polish the windows and windshield of the car. They add finishing touches to the corners of the vehicle, making the entire car sparkle and shine.

Benefits of Mobile Auto Detailing

Easier Time in Selling a Car

Save a Lot of Time

Mobile auto detailing can save you a lot of time in cleaning vehicles. You don’t have to drive to the wash station. Mobile auto detailing is particularly valuable for fleet owners. It helps save time in getting the vehicles to the wash station. The time can be spent on looking at a more important aspect of the business.

Save Costs

Hiring a mobile car detailing service is cost-effective as well. There is no need to drive your car to the wash station, which saves fuel. Considering the time saved in mobile auto detailing, mobile services offer great value for money for car and fleet owners.

Convenience for Owners

You can request a mobile auto detailing service from the comfort of your own home or office. The service will be executed in front of your eyes at the parking spot. A mobile auto detailer will come to your house or office in a truck or van.

Improved Look

Auto detailing adds a noticeable shine to cars. Your car will appear as if you had recently bought it from the dealer. Not to mention, all eyes will be on you as you ride around town.

Reduced Wear and Tear

Having your car detailed will not only improve the look of your vehicle, but also reduce wear and tear. Auto detailing involves removing dirt and dust from the interior and exterior of the car. This will prevent dirt and dust from damaging the components of the car.

Waxing or ceramic coating adds extra protection against weather elements. It will extend the life of the paint and also make your car shine. A coat of wax or ceramic applied to the exterior surface of the car will protect it from rust and scratches.

Easier Time Selling the Car

Car owners who want to sell the cars will have an easier time selling them. A clean car also shows that it has been maintained and taken care of. Prospective buyers will be impressed by a clean car inside and out and will be willing to pay top dollars for the car.

Final Remarks

Mobile auto detailing involves meticulous washing of the car inside and out. You can benefit from personalized service, not available at a wash station.

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