Protecting your investment is our priority, we are a 24 on call service that provides all your fleet washing needs. We are a full on site fleet wash service, all services have the option for in cabin sanitation at no additional cost. We are living difficult times and need to be extra cautious, This is our way of contributing by offering to all our clients free cabin sanitation. 

The Mobile Turtle Fleet and Auto Detailing takes great pride in providing the best service in the industry. The Mobile Turtle Fleet and Auto Detailing is leading the industry in fleet detailing, with in cabin sanitation employees having less down time because they don’t get sick as often. With a 24 hour on call service you can depend on us whether it’s raining or a sunny day. We are at our clients’ service. Palm Desert, Loma Linda, Corona, Rancho Mirage are all cities that are benefiting from our exceptional service. Here at The Mobile Turtle Fleet and Auto Detailing want to make your company our priority, let us worry about the cleanliness of your vehicle, Let us take care of your investment, don’t let the sun fade or crack the paint of your company vehicles that will give your brand a negative effect. Our promise to you and your customers is that your fleet will look showroom and your clients will love doing business with someone that cares about appearance.

When it comes to sanitation we make sure all common areas drivers come in contact with are sanitized and sealed with a polymer sealant that will keep areas cleaner for a longer period of time. Here at the Mobile Turtle Fleet and Auto Detailing do custom work, we specialize in our clients priorities, our prices are the best in the industry and promise to beat or match all competitors prices, The Mobile Turtle King of Fleet!


City of Murrieta and Temecula are the newest addition to our client list, during these uncertain times public transportation can be concerned with having so many people in and out touching everything with unsanitary conditions.

We specialize in fleet sanitation and take it a bit further by sanitizing floors, window, window frames, poles, money machines, dash, door panels, windshield and all seats with seat belts. We take sanitation seriously so you can count on us to take care of your employees and customers.

Keep your fleet looking good under the hood with our engine degreasing details, wheel detailing, wheel polishing, and paint or vinyl enhancements, we will make sure your brand is taken to the next level. 

Here at The Mobile Turtle Fleet and Auto Detailing only use the latest in technology when it comes to protecting your fleet, synthetic polymer sealants, soaps with infused carnauba and ceramic wax to name a few, our team does extensive research our the products we put out on the road with us, that’s why we are to guarantee the best results in the industry. For more information about us or about our service please visit