The appearance and condition of vehicles is vital for a fleet company. Regular washing and detailing of the fleet is crucial if you want to maintain a professional brand image.

Mobile fleet washing and detailing will provide you great convenience in keeping the fleet clean and in good condition. Instead of washing the fleet on your own, you should consider hiring a mobile washing company that provides national account service.

Hiring a mobile fleet washing company offers various benefits. From hassle-free scheduling to convenient washing, here are some of the reasons you should contact Mobile Turtle Fleet & Auto Detailing for maintaining your vehicle.

Pros of a Mobile Fleet Washing Service

1. Convenient Washing

Flexibility in washing vehicles is the foremost benefit of a mobile fleet national service. You can schedule the cleaning and detailing service at your convenience. The mobile washing company will clean the trucks at your premises.

There is no need to take the fleet to the workshop for cleaning and detailing, which results in great convenience in cleaning the fleet.

2. Reduced Cost of Cleaning

Another benefit of a mobile fleet washing service is that it reduces the cost of cleaning the fleet. You will reduce the overhead in cleaning the vehicles by signing a contract with the mobile washing company.

Mobile fleet washing is less costly compared to in-house fleet washing. You won’t have to maintain a staff or buy fleet washing equipment.

Mobile fleet washing companies use efficient practices in cleaning the vehicles. They will use minimum water in cleaning the fleet. The chances of water being wasted are higher with in-house setup for fleet washing. The in-house staff typically does not take care in conserving water when cleaning, resulting in increased water bills.

3. Environmental Friendly

Washing vehicles result in wastewater. You have to meet city regulations for the disposal of wastewater. Meeting the regulations can result in an increased cost of cleaning the fleet.

Reliable mobile fleet washing companies use eco-friendly materials for cleaning the fleet. These companies use efficient waste management practices.

Mobile washing trucks reclaim water used in cleaning the fleet. By doing so, no wastewater will go down the drain. As a result, your company won’t have to pay a fine for disposing of wastewater down the drain. You can even advertise that you hire an eco-friendly mobile washing company to clean the fleet. It will show your commitment to eco-friendly business practices and build trust.

4. Easy Record-Keeping

A national account service for fleet washing will help keep a record of the vehicle cleaning. Mobile wash companies issue a receipt that contains details of the cleaning and detailing service. You can enter the information in the accounting software for record-keeping.

Mobile cleaning services streamline the process of maintaining a record of fleet washing expenses. You won’t have to track cleaning expenses for each vehicle. The monthly receipts will contain information about the recently washed vehicles.

Scheduling a fleet washing service makes it easier to know when to clean a truck, car, or van. The receipts generally contain the details about the number of vehicles cleaned at a particular time. You can refer to the bill to know which vehicles require cleaning.

5. Professional Detailing Services

Most mobile washing service also provides detailing services to customers. Professional detailing service will make the vehicles look good inside out.

An expert detailer will clean the vehicle’s interior, including the dashboard, seats, side mirrors, side doors, air vents, and vehicle ceiling. Interior detailing also involves cleaning the mats and carpets. The cleaning crew will take out the mats and wash them outside.

A key aspect of detailing is polishing the taillights and highlights. It will ensure that the light shines clearly on the road, which will keep the vehicle and others safe on the road. Pressure washing will remove excess buildup of dirt on the light, while polishing will allow the light to shine bright at night.

Cleaners will apply a coat of wax on the vehicle to protect the paint. The wax will protect the paint from damage and extend the life of the paint. Applying a sealant will give a glossy shine to the fleet creating a positive impression.

6. Fuel Savings

Dirt and grime increase the weight of the truck that results in reduced fuel economy. Cleaning the vehicles will result in fuel savings as the vehicles will use less fuel than a dirty vehicle.

Plus, mobile washing will mean that there is no need to get the vehicles to the fleet cleaning company resulting in fuel savings.

7. Improved Corporate Image

Regular mobile fleet washing will result in an improved corporate image. A clean fleet will be a perk for the employees, which in turn will boost their morale. No one likes to drive a vehicle full of dirt and grime.

Mobile fleet washing will also create a positive impression on the customers. Washing and detailing the vehicles will make them look the absolute best.

Cleaning vehicles is particularly essential for the transport business. No one wants to get their goods transported in a dirty vehicle. To avoid embarrassment due to dirty vehicles, it is vital that you enter into a contract with a fleet washing mobile company. Performing regular washing and detailing will ensure that the vehicles look good inside and out.


Mobile fleet washing service will make it more convenient to maintain vehicles. Mobile fleet washing account service will reduce vehicle maintenance expenses, resulting in a positive impact on the bottom line.

Make sure that you hire a company that uses eco-friendly solutions for cleaning the vehicles. It will ensure that the mobile cleaning service won’t do any damage to the environment.

Mobile Turtle Fleet & Auto Detailing offers truck washing & detailing service. We serve the areas of Palm Springs, Beaumont, Rancho Mirage, and Palm Desert in CA. We have a team of the highly professional crew who will take the utmost care in cleaning and detailing the vehicles.