When it comes to protecting your car from scratches and dents, you should never opt for quick and cheap fixes. Compromising on the quality of service may save your time and money temporarily but you’ll end up signing up for recurrent paint corrections and auto detailing.

There are many car coating options available for you to choose from. You should opt for one that you find economical and offers maximum protection.

Here are some car coatings to consider.

Ceramic Coatings  

Ceramic car coatings are the most common and popular type of coatings used on cars. This coating is applied on the top of an already painted vehicle. The liquid layer of paint chemically bonds with the previously existing paint, thereby offering an extra layer of protection against UV rays and scratches.

SIO2 Coatings

If you are looking for a permanent car coating option that can save your car from repeated scratches and paint corrections, then go for SIO2 coating. It is a silicon-based, hard, protective and glossy coating that uses silicon dioxide in the form of nano particles. On Mohs scale, the hardness of this coating goes up to 9H. In simple words, even if you try to scratch the car with a steel nail, it won’t pick a scratch.

Teflon Coatings 

Teflon coating, also known as poly tetra fluoro ethylene (PTFE), is a type of chemical coating that uses plastic-based coating to spray on automobile parts. Once it is applied, the car parts are baked in high heat to further solidify the layers. As a result, a non-corrosive and waterproof coating is achieved.


Wax Coatings 

If you want to achieve car coatings that not only shine but can also prevent the damaging impacts of UV rays, then wax coating is a viable option to consider. In addition, wax coatings are easier to wash and dry quickly. So, if you are looking for a safe and glossy shine look, then a wax coating should do it.

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