About once a year, your car needs to be auto-detailed for maintenance. The detailing process includes a thorough cleaning of the car’s exterior and interior. While a regular car wash is great for weekly maintenance, it’s simply not enough.

If you’re going to opt for auto detailing your vehicle, it’s a good idea to know what you’re signing up for.

Exterior Car Detailing

The process of exterior detailing starts with a deep, thorough exterior wash of the vehicle that removes dirt, grime, and dust buildup. They use a professional-grade detergent solution that softens the buildup and removes it.

Next, the focus is on cleaning the wheels, brake calipers, lug nuts, and other car parts. They’re removed and a wide range of cleaning supplies and specialized brushes are used to clean each part thoroughly.

After this, professional detailers like us will wash and dry your car’s paint. Since this is a delicate task, soft microfiber towels are used to achieve smooth results. A special clay bar is also used to remove any stubborn particles from the paint coat surface.

The car is then polished to remove any scratches, swirl marks, or signs of oxidation on the surface. Finally, the car is waxed to provide its surface extra protection and to give it a shine. Windows, mirrors, and other parts of the car are also cleaned and polished.

Interior Car Detailing

Auto Detailing also focuses intensely on the interior of the ar. In interior detailing, the car’s upholstery including the dashboard and seats is vacuumed, shampooed, and conditioned. This removes any dirt, dust, grime, or odors that may be built up in the car.


If the car has leatherwork, professionals like us ensure its protection by using specialized leather cleaning products. The other interior surfaces, including hard-to-reach areas are also cleaned and polished thoroughly.

The process also focuses on the engine of the car, cleaning and maintaining it so it can work at its best capacity. The end result? You’ll have a car that looks as new as the day it came!

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