Glass coating provides the most advanced paint protection for vehicles. Also known as SiO2 car coating, it’s definitely one of the best car coatings out there. The coating forms a strong barrier that protects the surface of the vehicle against harsh chemical elements. The coating also gives a shiny, glossy appearance that is coveted by most car owners.

Due to the excellent properties of SiO2 coating, NASA applies silica coating on its space shuttles to give them extra heat resistance and protection. Here, you can read more about what glass coating – SiO2 coating – is and their benefits.

Glass (SiO2) Coating: An Overview

A glass-coating forms a durable and hard shield over the surface of a vehicle. The coating of silica can be applied over paint, wheels, and glass to give the vehicle extra protection.

The main ingredient in glass coating is silicon dioxide (SiO2). This formula is highly resistant and prevents the adhesion of harsh liquid, while enhancing the shine and color of the vehicle. The material is also found in many ceramic glazes and whiteware ceramics that are used to give a hard glossy waterproof coating to many different surfaces.

Silicon dioxide in the form of Nano particles is suspended in a resin that is applied over the paint. It has a high melting point of 1,6000C (1870 K; 2910 0F). Additionally, the molecule hardness on the Mohs scale is 7. The high thermal resistance and strength of a SiO2 coating provide maximum protection against environmental wear and tear.

Benefits of Glass (SiO2) Fleet Coating


Maximum Paint Protection

A SiO2 liquid glass coating can help withstand scratches and the effects of harsh chemicals, such as acid, alkaline, and chloride. These excellent properties of glass coating make it far more durable as compared to waxing. The coating enhances the depth of shine and prevents damage due to water and harsh chemicals.

A vehicle covered with glass coating is safe from mold, dust, stains, dirt, and mildew. It will also prevent the build-up of hard water materials on the car’s surface. Any fingerprints on the car can also be cleaned easily with a cloth. Moreover, scratch-resistant properties of SiO2 results in increased protection of the surface.

Minimum Maintenance

Glass coating has self-cleaning effects due to which your fleet will require minimal maintenance to look good. Applying the coating results in less buildup of dirt and grime between cleanups.

SiO2 particles in glass coating prevent dirt and dust from sticking to the surface of the vehicle. As a result, the vehicle will look like new and not require a repaint for a long time after the application of the glass coating.

Glass coating will not allow chemicals to penetrate through the clear coating. But you should not let them remain on the surface for a long time. Chemicals or bird droppings that are left on the vehicle for a week could still damage the surface.

Improved Shine

Applying the coating on the vehicle will result in a wet look, making the vehicle look slick and stylish. After the application of the glass coating, there is no need to wax the vehicle. The coating is much better than a sealant and lasts longer as well. You may only have to reapply a booster product on a periodic basis to maintain the shine.

Simpler to Washing

Treated surfaces are easier to wash as it reduces the need for using soaps or other cleaning products. The coatings are resistant to the formation of mold, mildew, biofilms, and bacteria. You won’t have to scrub the surface to remove the microbial formation from the surface of the car.

Easy to Apply

Glass coating is also easier to apply than other types of coating for the protection of the paint. Unlike other coatings, glass coating does not have to be applied at a specific heat that could damage the vehicle’s parts.

In addition, the process of Si02 coating is less rigid in that there is no waiting time. You can also get your vehicle polished and buffed to get the best results.

While there are fewer chances of human error, any mistakes with the application of glass coating is costly. So, it’s important that you contact a professional detailing company for the Si02 application.


Glass coating may be more costly as compared to waxing. But in the long run, the coating will be more cost-effective and extend the life of the paint of your vehicle. Additionally, you won’t have to apply waxing for increased shine.

The application of glass coating also reduces the cost of maintenance because it offers protection against the damaging effects of the sun on the paint. Moreover, the vehicle surface will be protected against harsh chemicals. So, in the long term, you will be saving money by choosing glass coating for the vehicle.

Long-Lasting Protection

SiO2 coating provides long-lasting protection. The coatings are hard and slick, keeping the vehicle good for years after application. A coat can last anywhere between one and five years, depending on the application.

Final Remarks

Always remember that a glass coating is as good as the installer. It takes great skill to properly apply glass coating that will provide years of protection.  You should make sure that you contact a professional company for the application of glass coating for your fleet.

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