Fleet management is a complicated process that requires taking into account a lot of different factors. Mistakes are inevitable when managing a fleet, but even minor mistakes can end up becoming costly for a fleet management firm.

Here we have listed some common fleet management mistakes that you need to avoid to ensure optimal operations and maximum profitability for your company.

1. Ignoring Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is often ignored by fleet owners, which leads to disastrous consequences. The key to preventing unexpected vehicle breakdowns is to keep it tuned at regular intervals.

Vehicles are mechanical machines that undergo wear and tear. You need to get them checked regularly to address any and all issues. Minor issues if left undetected can turn out to be costly, which can hurt the bottom line. To avoid serious issues, it is of upmost importance that you get the vehicles checked at regular intervals.

You must schedule a comprehensive preventive maintenance of your fleet on the regular. A detailed checkup should include inspection of the important components of the vehicle. It involves checking the fluid levels, engine carburetor, brake pads, radiator, and other important components.

Regular maintenance may seem to be costly at first but it can actually save you thousands of dollars in the long run in vehicle maintenance.

2. Thinking All Vehicles are the Same

Anther common mistake is thinking that all vehicles require the same level of care. But the fact is maintenance requirements of vehicles such as trucks, vans, forklifts, and bulldozers are different. All these vehicles require different intervals for preventive maintenance.

You need to consult with the vehicle manual to learn about the interval of maintenance schedules. The manual will also contain details regarding the parts of the vehicles that must be checked during the routine maintenance. This will ensure that the vehicle operates efficiently with minimum downtime.

3. Mistake in Interpreting Data

Installing the right fleet management technology is not enough. A manager also needs to make sure that the fleet management data is accurate.

Making a mistake in interpreting the data regarding mileage, petrol consumption, and other statistics can lead to expensive errors. It will result in wrong billing, due to which you can undercharge or overcharge the customers.

Moreover, mistakes in interpretation of the fleet management data can result in payroll errors. Suppose that a fleet management company determines the efficiency of the drivers after comparing the actual to standard fuel consumption. A mistake in reading the fuel consumption data can result in wrong calculation of the amount that must be added or deducted from the driver’s salary.

To avoid mistakes in interpreting fleet management data, the managers need to be trained to accurately interpret the data. They need to know how to calculate different metrics related to fleet performance. The data interpretation will depend on the road conditions, routes, vehicle types and other factors.

4. Thinking All Drivers are Alike

A critical mistake in managing a fleet is thinking that all drivers are the same. Many fleet managers think that they can easily replace one drier with another. But the fact is that the there is a world of a difference in terms of driving skills, route experience, and most importantly attitude of the drivers.

The fact remains; drivers are the most important assets of a company. They are not machines like the vehicles they drive. You need to focus on keeping them satisfied.

Consider praising the best performing drivers. Host a meeting in which the best drivers are awarded for their dedication to safe and efficient driving. As a fleet manager, you need to know exactly how drivers contribute to the bottom line of the company. They are the face of the company transporting goods for the customers. You need to value their contributions in ensuring timely transport of good and appreciate their contributions.

Disgruntled drivers will not take good care of the vehicles. They may cut corners while performing the job that will be costly for the firm.

5. Not Providing Regular Training

Regular training of the drivers is critical to ensure smooth operations of the fleet. The drivers should know about the best practices when transporting goods. Don’t assume that they know how to perform the job in an efficient manner.

Consider creating proper training courses and certifications for the drivers. It is important to provide ongoing training to the drivers so that they drive in a safe and responsible manner. They should also be trained to respond to customers in an appropriate manner. You should also ensure that the permits and licensing are up to date as well.

6. Neglecting Fleet Cleaning

Fleet cleaning is essential to ensure that the vehicles look the best. Cleaning the vehicle regularly will ensure that the vehicles present a professional image to the customers.

No one would want to do business with a transport company that has a fleet of mud-covered dirty vehicles. It is important that you also get professional waxing and detailing of the vehicles to ensure that they look the best.

You can hire mobile fleet cleaning and detailing companies. This will save cost as you don’t have to get the vehicle to the fleet cleaning shop. It will provide convenience, save time, and reduce cost of cleaning the vehicles.

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