Your fleet is the carrier of your business. You need to make sure that the fleet of vehicles projects a professional image through the means of regular detailing and washing. The way your vehicle looks will say a lot about the quality of your service, which is why you need your fleet to look the best inside and out.

Customers make a decision based on the look. A clean and nice-looking fleet will make a good impression on customers.

One of the often-overlooked aspects of a vehicle is interior detailing. In this post, the experts at Mobile Turtle Fleet & Auto Detailing have shared some tips regarding the interior detailing of a fleet.

1. Carpet Cleaning

One of the best ways to keep the interior of the car clean is to scrub the carpet before using a hot water extractor. First, the carpet is vacuumed to remove loose dirt. Next, the carpet is scrubbed to loosen stubborn dirt from the carpet fibers.

After cleaning the carpet, it is sprayed with a non-foaming car carpet cleaner, and the carpet is scrubbed using a brush. Scrubbing the carpet will improve the effectiveness of the hot water extractor.

A hot water extractor is then used to rinse the soil from the carpet. It also helps remove the chemical from the carpet.

An important point when cleaning the carpets is that plain water should be used to rinse the carpet. Using water laden with chemicals can damage the carpet. Moreover, the carpet should be completely rinsed as any remaining chemical will attract dirt.

Carpets that are cleaned using hot water extractors are dried completely before returning the vehicle to the customers. Pressurized air can be used to accelerate the drying process. Moreover, the climate control system of the car can also be used to dry the carpet that uses the air conditioner and heat to completely dry the carpet.

For lightly soiled carpets, a dry vapor steam machine is used instead of a hot water extractor. The steam machine cleans the carpet fibers leaving them clean, sanitized, and dry.

2. Cleaning the Seats

Cleaning leather seats is a bit more challenging than vinyl seats. Special products should be used to clean delicate leather seat covers. We select the cleaning product carefully, depending on the material of the seat covers.

Cars seats are sprayed with a cleaner and then wiped using a rag. Our cleaning crew takes great care to ensure that the right amount of cleaning material is applied to the seats. Moreover, we make sure that the cleaning product is used for the recommended duration so that it doesn’t damage the seat covers.

3. Dashboard

The dashboard can be challenging to clean from inside the vehicle. The windshield makes it difficult to reach some areas of the dashboard.

We vacuum all the dust using a special cleaning product. Our cleaning crew cleans every area using specialized equipment. After vacuuming, interior waxing is applied to protect the dashboard from cracking or fading from the exposure to sunlight.

4. Air Vents

Air vent cleaning is challenging as a little mistake can cause the vents to break. Cleaning the vents can be tedious, but an experienced cleaning crew will do the job professionally and effectively. We use a soft bristle brush, and compressed air can to clean the dirty vents.

Using the brush removes the dust while the jets of compressed air give a brand new look to the vents. The process is carried out carefully so that it does not damage the vents.

5. Cleaning Door Panels

Door panels are made of different materials. The material is often the same as the seat, dashboard, and upholstery. The door panels should be cleaned using the same material as cleaning the other areas inside the vehicle.

Many door panels have open compartments that are often overlooked in cleaning the interior of the vehicle. Our experienced cleaning crew removes everything inside and cleans the area by hand so that the vehicle is spotless inside.

5. Degreasers for Removing Tough Carpet Stains

Degreasers can help in cleaning tough spots on the carpet. Using a diluted degreaser can help remove grease spots from the carpets. The degreaser should be diluted in the ratio of 4 to 1 with water before applying to the carpet.

Degreasers can be used in spray bottles. Distilled water can be used to dilute the water in the spray bottle. Using the bottle makes it convenient to apply the mixture all over the carpet.

Another recommended product is isopropyl alcohol. Careful use of the cleaner will help remove tough shoe scuffs and other marks.

6. Drying the Interior and Exterior Glass

A stubborn streak on the glass creates a challenge when cleaning the vehicle. It is recommended to dry the exterior glass in one direction and the interior glass in another direction.

The exterior glass can be dried in the horizontal direction while the interior glass can be dried in the vertical direction. Drying the glass in this manner will help determine if the streak is on the inside or outside of the car. In this way, the cleaning crew will use the appropriate technique that does not cause any more blemish or streaks.

Interior designing is a complex process. You should always contact a professional for fleet washing services. Make sure that you hire a company with experience cleaning crew that uses the right tools, equipment for cleaning the vehicle.

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