Many fleet owners and driver overlook this aspect lot but fleet detailing is important for several reasons. Regular detailing will extend the life of the paint. It will also reduce the damage caused by exposure to dust and sunlight. But you need to hire a fleet detailing company that employs experienced professionals to get the best results possible.

Professional detailing experts take great care to avoid damage to the vehicle. If you hire a new company with inexperienced personnel, you will end up wasting a lot of money.

Inexperienced personnel don’t know what precautions to take when using a chemical solution for fleet detailing. So, lets us look at the most common mistakes made by unprofessional fleet detailers during vehicle detailing in order to help you prevent from making the same mistakes.

Mistake 1 – Using Too Much Wax

Over waxing is the most common mistake that inexperienced detailers make. Two coats of wax are enough for a vehicle. The first coat serves as the foundation while the second coating will cover any area that has been missed.

Applying more than two coats will be overkill. It will unnecessarily result in wastage of wax. The additional coat will not adhere to the surface of the paint. It will be wiped off when buffing the fleet.

Mistake 2 – Not Using the Correct Chemical Cleaners

Some companies try to cut costs by cleaning the vehicle using soap and detergent. They are effective in removing the wax and grease. But they are also harsh on the paint and strip away sealers that protect the finishing of the vehicle.

Household cleaning products have a high PH level. They have alkaline that will damage the paint of the vehicle. While it may save money for the detailer, you will end up with costly repairs due to damaged paintwork.

Glass cleaners should also not be used for cleaning the vehicle. These cleaners contain ammonia that will result in streak marks on the windows.  Moreover using solvent-based chemicals for cleaning the cars can damage the tires. Additionally, plastics inside the vehicle can also be damaged by using the wrong cleaning product.

A special-made automotive wash cleaner is suitable for washing the fleet. The purpose made washing solution is gentle on the surface of the car. Professional fleet detailing experts only use specially formulated cleaning agents instead of soaps and detergents for washing the car before detailing.

Mistake 3 – Pouring Wax Directly on the Paint

Pouring wax directly on the paint is a mistake that can result in an uneven coating. The wax should be applied to an applicator. This will avoid the build-up of wax at certain places and ensure that the coating is applied evenly on the vehicle.

Expert detailers take great care ensuring the coating is applied evenly. You will end up with unprofessional work if you give the task to inexperienced detailers.

Mistake 4 – Cleaning in Direct Daylight

Another common mistake is cleaning the vehicle in direct daylight. Cleaning the vehicle under direct sunlight especially during a hot summer day will result in paint damage. Water or any other special cleaning product that you use to clean the vehicle will dry up quickly, resulting in streak marks on the vehicle.

A shaded area is recommended for cleaning the vehicle before detailing. Another option is to wash the vehicle after sunset, which will prevent damage to the paintwork.

Mistake 5 – Not Taking Care When Applying a Wax

Yet another mistake when detailing the vehicle is applying the wax by hand. This may result in excess wax that may get into crevices and cracks. A recommended practice is to use a random orbit polisher to apply the wax or sealant.

Professional detailers take great care to avoid wax residues. They take particular care in detailing the edges. Wax plaque is removed using special equipment such as the horsehair bristles that avoid scratches when detailing.

Mistake 6 – Not Drying the Interior

Not drying the interior after detailing is another common mistake made by unprofessional detailers. It results in an unpleasant smell inside the vehicle and also can cause smelly and moldy carpets.

Professional detailers dry the interior of the vehicle to avoid any sort of foul smell. One effective technique they use is to turn on the heater for a few minutes. After the interior has dried, the air conditioner is then turned on. This will prevent unpleasant odor due to dampness, an aftereffect of detailing the vehicle.

Mistake 7 – Not Using Rotary Buffer Correctly

Rotary buffer is used to buff the paint after detailing. It is important that the buffer be used correctly to avoid swirl marks. Inexperienced detailers can apply the high-speed rotary buffer without taking into consideration the condition of the paint.

Swirl marks will occur if the paint used in the car detailing the process is not in good condition. Professional detailers avoid swirl marks by adequate evaluation of the paint condition. They then select the right buffer machine and chemical to prevent any marks on the surface.

Mistake 8 – Cleaning in the Wrong Order

Inexperienced detailers do not clean the vehicle in the right order. A vehicle should be cleaned from bottom to top. Wheels should always be cleaned first before cleaning other parts of the vehicle. The reason is that the wheels of a vehicle are generally the most dirty since they are constantly in contact with the ground.

Brake dust can get under the wheels, which is corrosive to the vehicle’s paint as well as its rims. So, it is important to clean them right away before tackling other parts. Moreover, the same mitt or towel should not be used to clean the tire and body of the vehicle. Iron, brake dust, and other materials on the wheels can scratch the paint if the same bucket and mitt are used.

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