A perfectly polished and shiny fleet can have a significant effect on your clients. Fortunately, you can choose from different options to give the required polished look to your cars.

At Mobile Turtle Fleet & Auto Detailing, we believe that glass coating is a great option for your fleet. Read on to find out why glass coating is better than other coating methods.

How Glass Coating Provides Value for Money

Glass coating is a better option due to its excellent shine, durability, and paint protection. The main component in glass coating is silica or silicon dioxide (SiO2). It binds to the paint of the vehicle on the molecular level, thereby providing immediate protection upon application.

Glass coating can protect your fleet from all types of environmental pollution. Moreover, it will also offer some protection from chemical damage. The coating can protect cars from dust, spills, and scratches that are not possible with ordinary polish and waxing.

Unlike ceramic coating that offers protection for up to 6 months, glass coating lasts longer. The coating typically lasts for up to a year or two with proper care. The ease of application and durability makes it a better option as compared to other vehicle coatings.

If you are willing to spend a bit more, glass coating will offer great value to you.

What Makes Glass Coating Durable and Resistant to Damage?

Glass coating consists of resin or glue that allows the silicones to adhere to the vehicle’s surface. Great care must be taken when applying the coating. It must only be done by a professional as an improper application can result in cracks to appear during extreme summers and winters.

When applied properly, glass coating can be a highly cost-effective method as compared to waxing and ceramic coating.

Protection from Sun

The sun’s UV rays can cause significant damage to your vehicle’s paintwork. Glass coating will prevent the paint from oxidizing and fading. The coating is critical for a fleet that is exposed to sunlight a lot.

Protection from Chemical Damage

Another great benefit of glass coating is that it offers protection from chemical damage. Chemical stains can cause permanent damage to the vehicle’s paint. Air pollution and bird droppings can also cause havoc on the vehicle’s paintwork. The application of glass coating can help protect the paintwork due to chemical damage.

Hydrophobic Properties

Washing a car can be a headache with waxing and other types of auto detailing. There is a risk that the polymer will wear off. Glass ceramic has hydrophobic properties as it repels water. Dirty water and grime will bead on the surface rather than sticking to it. A quick jet wash can result in a car looking spotlessly clean.

Glossy Appearance

Glass coating provides a candy-like gloss that all car owners love. The coating can bring the best of the original paintwork. As a result, it can boost the appearance of your fleet, making a positive impression on your clients.


Glass coating is a cost-effective coating option due to its long life. The protection provided is much stronger as compared to a traditional wax coating. Professional glass coating can last between 3 and 5 years. In contrast, a traditional coating lasts around 2 weeks to a year.

This means fleet owners will need to spend less on glass coating in the long term. You can maintain the shine and lustre of your fleet for years. The high durability of glass coating makes it a preferred choice for vehicle coating.

Glass Coating vs. Ceramic Coating

Glass coating and ceramic coating are popular vehicles detailing options. Although they have the same composition, there are certain structural differences on the atomic scale.

Silica and titanium dioxide are the main elements of ceramic coatings. The two compounds form a covalent bond, resulting in a nano-ceramic shield above the vehicle paint. In contrast, the main elements in a glass coating include silica and quartz silane. Both can bond to the paint and protect it against harsh environmental elements.

However, glass coating is a bit costlier than ceramic coating. The main reason is that the manufacturing process of glass coating chemicals is longer than ceramic coatings. But unlike ceramic that often lasts for  6 to 8 months, glass coating can last 3 to 6 years. This means that glass coating can result in more cost savings in the long run.

Another advantage of glass coating is that it can increase the visual appeal of your vehicle. It provides a shiny look to vehicles that is desirable by most car owners. The coating is easy to apply as it dries fast.

Which Coating Is Right for Your Fleet?

After reading the benefits of glass coating, you now know why we consider it a better option as compared to others. Glass coating has become extremely popular over the past few years. Most vehicle owners have been highly satisfied with the vehicle detailing option. The review has been mostly positive from both the car and fleet owners.

Fleet owners can save a lot of money when opting for glass coating. The coating provides excellent protection to vehicles.

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