Regular washing and detailing not only keep the fleet looking great. It can also protect the costly paint of the vehicles. You can keep the vehicles looking in immaculate condition if you get them washed and detailed on regular bases inside and out.

In this blog post, you will learn about some of the benefits of regular fleet washing and detailing of your fleet.

1. Prevents Exterior Paint Damage

Dirt can damage the exterior surface of the vehicles. The dirt itself is not bad for the vehicle’s surface. But they attract moisture under the layers that can damage the exterior paint and interior surface.

As the vehicles move around town, the wind generated by the speed will create tiny scratches in the paint coating. Dirt and moisture will accumulate once the paint coating is damaged. They will lift and damage the paint coating. Damaged paint coating will expose bare metal that will create the rusting problem. The metal will rust upon exposure to moisture and oxygen. Rusting will greatly degrade the value of the vehicle.

You might have seen paint areas with bubble-like growth around the windows and doors. Those are known as rust bubbles. The bubbles are formed due to dirt and moisture getting underneath the paint. They can form over a period of time or overnight if you live in a coastal area. Salt is particularly damaging that can accelerate the wear and tear of the paint.

Regular washing and exterior detailing will reduce the damage due to dirt and moisture. Washing the fleet will remove dirt from the vehicle thereby preventing exterior paint damage. Detailing will serve as a barrier that protects the vehicle’s paint.

2. Prevent Interior Damage 

Washing and interior detailing will also prevent damage to the interior of the vehicle. Interior detailing and washing can help protect the interior of the car including vinyl, plastics, and carbon filter plastics.

Washing of the vehicle involves vacuuming the carpet and cleaning every section of the interior such as center console, dashboard, seat covers, and area around the doors and buttons. The technician will also remove dirt buildup inside the vehicles.

Detailing of the vehicle’s interior will also prevent excessive wear and tear. The car technician will apply waxing to the interior parts. The wax will serve as a protective barrier for the paint. Waxing will last for about a month depending on the wear and tear factors such as location and weather.

3. Improve Driver Motivation

Detailers can remove the unpleasant odor from inside the car by removing dirt and grime. Upon request, they can also apply odor cleaning chemicals to get rid of any vexing smell inside the vehicle. Applying air freshener is only a temporary fix that will not eliminate the odor. Cleaning of the vehicle will help in eliminating the unpleasant smell from inside the vehicle.

Fleet detailing and washing will also help restore the interior comfort of the vehicle. Your drivers will feel positive driving a vehicle with a fresh and clean look inside. Regular detailing and washing of the fleet will result in pleasant driving experience. It will help in maintaining an immaculate look of the vehicle.

4. Prevent Sun Damage

Direct rays of the sun can damage the interior leather and plastic. Sun damage can also be a problem if the windows are not tinted. Intense rays of the sun particularly during the summer can damage the interior finishes and fabrics over time. Moreover, it will result in the fading of the vehicle’s exterior paint surface.

Regular washing and detailing can help prevent sun damage. Interior and exterior detailing can reduce the damage due to the sun. It will help in retaining the finishes and fabrics of the interior of the vehicle.

5. Stain Protection and Removal

Stains look unsightly on both the exterior and interior of the vehicle. Whether the stains are big or small, they can degrade the value of the car. Stains on the paint, leather, vinyl, carpeting, and plastics look bad. Interior and exterior detailing will remove the unsightly stains from the vehicle. Using proper cleaning products can help remove and prevent different types of stains.

6. Retain Value of the Vehicle

Setting up appointments with a mobile fleet washing and detailing company will also help retain the resale value of the vehicle. Vehicles that are kept in proper cosmetic condition will appeal to the buyers. The cost of regular washing and detailing will be worth it since you can get a good price on the vehicles from the buyers.

How Often You Should Get Your Fleet Washed and Detailed

Determining how often you should get your fleet washed and detailed requires consideration of different factors.


Location is the foremost factor that determines how regularly you need to get your fleet washed. If the fleet is parked near a construction site or an industrial area, you will have to get the fleet washed more often. In case the area has lots of birds around, you should also get your fleet washed more often. Fleet in dusty areas should also be washed more regularly.


The route is another factor that determines the frequency of fleet washing. You may need to get the fleet washed more frequently if the vehicles travel in a route where they are exposed to dirt and mud. Generally, if the route includes areas with heavy rain and snowfall, you have to get the fleet serviced and washed on a weekly basis.

Regular fleet washing will help retain the resale value of the vehicles. Moreover, a neat and clean fleet of vehicles will throw a positive image on the customers.


Regular fleet washing and detailing will help protect the vehicle’s surface from rusting, discoloration, fading, and etching. The value of the vehicles will diminish significantly if you don’t get them washed and detailed regularly.

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